A Very Friendly  Bicycle Shop!

As of 4/6/2020 we're still open! 

We're stocked-up on tubes and such to keep you rolling! Quick repair turn-around for flats.

Full service available. Expert technicians on duty.


Stay safe, get lot's of exercise, on a bike if course!

 Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We're happy to help. 


click+collect. order online. free store pickup.


  • Our first responsibility is to our customers who honor us with their patronage
  • It is our pleasure to provide the best bicycles & pro scooters for you
  • We deeply respect all levels of riders, and every type of bicycle


  • Expert repair & service department
  • We prefer to repair, and replace only when necessary, doing only the work that’s needed
  • Customization & personalization is a thrill for us too!


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  • OC's friendliest bike shop!
  • Advocating things with wheels since 2011