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There's no better time than the off-season to freshen up your bike. We have the small parts and bike accessories you need. Whether it's time to replace your crusty old bottom bracket, worn out brake pads or a headset that just won't rotate anymore, we've got you covered.
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Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 11am-5pm

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  • Our first responsibility is to our customers who honor us with their patronage
  • It is our pleasure to provide the best bicycles & pro scooters for you
  • We deeply respect all levels of riders, and every type of bicycle


  • Expert repair & service department
  • We prefer to repair, and replace only when necessary, doing only the work that’s needed
  • Customization & personalization is a thrill for us too!


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  • OC's friendliest bike shop!
  • Advocating things with wheels since 2011