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About Papa Wheelie

Welcome to Papa Wheelie Bicycles!

We’re a very friendly bicycle shop. Buying a new bike should be a blast. We want you to ask lots of questions, take many bike styles out for a ride to pick the one that’s “just right”. We’ll adjust the seat, the handlebars; make a perfect fit, just for you.  We want you to love your new ride, a lot.

It is our pleasure to assist you in finding the best bike for you, from your very first bike, to the one “you just gotta’ have” whether you ride on the road as a racer, putt-putt to and fro for kicks, climb mountains for fitness, or conscientiously commute to your paycheck provider. From finding it, fitting it to fixing it, your new friends at Papa Wheelie Bicycles will be happy to be there for you.

About Us - Papa Wheelie Bicycles
  • Our first responsibility is to our customers who honor us with their patronage.
  • It is our pleasure to provide the best bicycles & pro scooters for you
  • Expert repair & service department
  • Customization & personalization is a thrill for us too!
  • Family friendly: from training wheels to triathlons – we’ve got your ride
  • We deeply respect all levels of riders, and every type of bicycle
  • Quality matters- we don’t carry junk
  • We prefer to repair, and replace only when necessary, doing only the work that’s needed

No highfalutin’, snot-nosed, uppity-up, condescending know-it-all’s here. We want you to be cared for and feel invited: more than just a customer, become a new friend, and be happy to come back again & again. Tell your friends too, there’s a reward coming your way if you do! Welcome to your favorite bike shop in Garden Grove!

In addition please contact us for:

  • Restoration, it’s our specialty!
  • Corporate and Group Sales – We can create custom bicycles for promoting your products or events.
  • Wellness Fairs
  • Scout Merit Badge Requirement Fulfillment
  • 501c3 Raffle Prize Donations
  • Private Lessons: Learn to cycle & Bicycle Safety
Byron & Kerrie - Papa Wheelie Bicycles

About Byron & Kerrie

Byron & Kerrie opened Papa Wheelie Bicycles in November of 2011 to fulfill the dream of being an independent family friendly bicycle shop. It took over 7 years of planning and lots of doing without to save up to “Live the Dream”.  Byron has been into the bike scene for decades now (he’s old). He loves to tinker on bikes, especially the “challenge” services. He also thoroughly enjoys the journey to helping you find the best bike for you.  It is his pleasure to assist you to discover the great joy of riding a bicycle, from the first time to the umpteenth ride. Keeping you happy on a bike is what we’re all about. Please visit our bike shop in Garden Grove.