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Motiv Electric Bikes Stash
A comfortable folding electric bike with a basic suspension fork and larger-diameter tires that help to dissipate bumps and cracks.
Motiv Electric Bikes Sherpa
Remember when you were 16 and you couldn't wait to feel the freedom of the ride as you drove your car the first few times? You had it all as you cruised those streets being able to eat at any fast-food establishment that you wanted. And then you'd see kids on their bicycles and think "Haha, suckers!" Then something called the recession happened, and well, gas stopped being reasonable. You know the Motiv fleet by now, but perhaps you've been craving a little more function. We bring you the Sherpa, blending fashion and function, so you can store more when you go to the store and be a multitasking major. Go ahead, see how many coconut waters you can fit.
Motiv Electric Bikes Sleek
$1,645.99 - $2,329.99
The traditional step-thru combines functionality with agility. You'll zip through neighborhoods in style and when you need a boost it's just a throttle twist away.
Motiv Electric Bikes Spark
$1,645.99 - $2,329.99
All it took was one idea shot off in the dark to start the Motiv family. This standard frame provides a beach-cruiser feel until you twist the throttle to annihilate any hill that stands in your way.
Motiv Electric Bikes Werks
For enthusiasts that don't accept ordinary, we bring you the MotivWerks, our speed pedelec. It's the Spark dialed up to level 11, featuring 10-speed gears, hydraulic brakes, and a Rock Shox suspension fork that is sure to make you the envy of the streets.
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